born on 10 August 1843  in Harscheid
died on 12 May 1892  in Elberfeld
Family history Müller - Humphreys
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Amalie Simon's birth cerificate:

Amalie Simon

Amalie Simon's and Heinrich Müller's Kinder were:
Anna, marr. Bleyenberg (* 3.2.1867  † 27.1.1957)
Heinrich (* 9.10.1868  † after 1933)


(10.9.1870  † 18.2.1932, Robin und Katya
Müller's great-grandfather)
Paul (*4.10.1872  † after 1938)
Pauline, marr. Werres (27.1.1874 † after 1933)
Arthur (* 11.12.1875  †  8.2.1963)
Otto (*17.2.1878  † ca. 1912)
Elly, marr. Wolf (* 19.3.1880  † 1950)
Louise Emilie * 11.7.1882  † ca. 1888)
Lene, marr. Noot (15.8.1884  † nach 1968)


Below: Elberfeld city hall of 1828 where Amalie Simon and Heinrich Müller got married

born on 14th August 1843 in Harscheid,
died on 12th May 1892 in Elberfeld.
Amalie Simon was a daughter of Caspar Henrich Simon, from Hoff near Waldbröl, and Elisabeth Dax from Harscheid near Nümbrecht. She married Christian Heinrich Müller on the 3rd of April 1866 and gave birth to 10 children (plus supposedly two dead-born children).

Amalie Simon has been described as a real beauty, a very tall woman of an impressive appearance. Even years after her death, her clothes spoke of her physical size (which she gave on to most of her children). Frieda Müller, née Knapp, her son Emil's wife, who never knew Amalie personally, saw her mother-in-law's clothes and

was so impressed by their size, that in 1966, still, she described them to her grandson as being so large in every direction "that I would have fit in twice". After having given birth to 12 children the formerly tall figure had put on an enormous weight, and Amalie had started to dislike her own appearance strongly.  So with all her heart she tried to avoid that any idea of this image should become lasting memory and successfully prevented anyone from taking even a single picture of her. So definitely no photograph of her exists.

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