born on 17 January 1826, Cork, Ireland
died on 1 June 1897, Cork, Ireland
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Sarah Perrot
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More information about the origins of the Perrott, Perrett, Parrett, Parrot families can be found in the pages of the

born on 17th January 1826 in Cork, Ireland,  
died on 1st June 1897 in Cork, Ireland.


Below: Sarah Humphreys, née Perrott, (left) with possibly her daughter Anne Humphreys (right, also called "T'Anne" later), or possibly Gertrude Mahoney, probably at Hayfield House, Cork, Ireland. The young man between them is probably her son's (i.e.

Robert Humphreys

) brother-in-law

Robert Richey


Linden Blake, née Ellis, wrote about this wedding dress: "History of the wedding dress - the dress went from Sarah Perrott into the care of her younger daughter, T'Anne. During my childhood it was kept in a suitcase under Aunt Anne's bed. On her death in 1949 it must have gone to K who later passed it on to the National Trust. When I saw it at Killerton the Curator showed me the letter from K that had accompanied it."

John Humphreys writes: "Hayfield House (or Hayfields?) was just outside Cork, sufficiently in the country that they could 'carry their meals out into the nearest field' to quote Joan’s comment. There are several photos of large groups who seem to have done exactly that."


Right: Also this photograph, from the archives of Sarah Perrott's descendant

Linden Blake



possibly show Sarah Perrott (in about 1880, though this speculative assumption might well be doubted).
The  dress and culture historian

Jayne Shrimpton

writes about this picture to John Humphreys:

Below: Sarah Perrott (about 1895, left, and in 1892, right)

RIMG0015 Kopie

Below: Sarah Perrott's wedding dress,
modelled by her great-granddaughter Joan Mary Watney, Linden Ellis' mother,  in 1932

Daughter of

Hannah Mary Barnes


Richard Perrott.

Sarah Perrott married  

Robert Humphreys

(II)  in 1859;  they had 3 children: Hannah Mary, Anne, and

Robert Humphreys

(III), Robin and Katya Müller's great-grandfather.

Sarah Perrott

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Family history Müller - Humphreys

"This appears to be a carte de visite photograph measuring around 10 x 6.5cms. The photographer, Adam Sauvy, does not appear in the main published guide to early Irish photographic studios: Through the Brass- Lidded Eye by Chandler & Walsh (1989).
However you have found him in directories of 1881 and 1891 and, investigating online, I came across a reference to his studio in the

British Medical Journal of 1879



I feel the latter reference is significant as the appearance of this lady suggests a date range of


. Key fashion features are the details of her bodice and her hairstyle."


Below: Sarah Perrott's daughter Hannah Mary Humphreys (1861-1954),
the great-grandmother of Linden Blake, née Ellis (about 1882)

The  dress and culture historian

Jayne Shrimpton

writes about this picture to John Humphreys:

"Francis Guy was one of the best-known photographers in 19th century Cork, according to Through the Brass-Lidded Eye, although his full operational dates are not given. The black card mount used here confirms a date broadly between the early 1880s and early 1900s, when dark-coloured card was fashionable. Although we only have a head and shoulders view of this ancestor, her dark bodice with black lace circular collar and white pie- crust frilled blouse beneath suggests a time frame of



Above: Sarah Perrott's daughter Hannah Mary Allport née Humphreys (1861-1954) with her great-granddaughter Linden Ellis (born 1931)

Sarah Perrott's

wedding dress

still exists, at "Killerton House" dress collection, after apparently having been passed on from mother to daughter for several generations (from Sarah Perrott to her daughter Hannah Mary Humphreys, then to

Rhoda Mary Allport

and then to Joan Mary Watney,




mother). John Humphreys writes: "My cousin Linden Ellis sent me a photo of her mother Joan Mary Ellis (née Watney, 1907-1970) modelling a wedding dress in Ireland, in summer 1932. The dress was originally the wedding dress of my great-grandmother Sarah Perrott, who married Robert Humphreys in 1859 and is now at Killerton House dress collection."