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* with the coats of arms of: Nümbrecht, Isselhorst and Waldlaubersheim plus (right) the coat of arms of  Fihe Wolf von Sponheim,  Elisabeth von Rittenhofen's mother

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Using the Java software "Ahn", we display our pedigrees as an integral genealogical system. The button "Genealogical roots from 2012 until 1170" (above) starts the main part, whereas the link "Ancestors ... " leads you to a comprehensive pedigree of more than 7000 ancestors and relatives which is less often updated, though..
British ancestors
in 19th and 20th century


For each of our ancestors from 2000 until about 1840 her/his own pages are evolving. The picture links (above) lead you to the pages of the continental ancestors (left) and to those of the British ones (right). Among these pages, the "Chronicle of the Simon family" and the story of  Heinrich Müller (right below) are two of several highlights. Many pages, though, have not been translated into English, yet; so if you do speak some German,   

have a look at the

German language pages

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, and you will discover a lot more, still.

Dear visitors,

   welcome to our family history site!

Why and for whom have these pages been created? First of all for us ourselves. It's fun rediscovering those hidden traces of our family history, images, documents and the rare treasure of personal memories, collecting them and then experiencing how all these discrete pieces grow together as a new integral picture of our own roots, how those perished worlds are sort of revived. While doing so we appreciate the wide variety of possibilities, offered by internet presentation techniques, to display all sorts of content (text, images, sound, film) and make them accessible. For example, the technique of hyperlinks permits coherent presentation and variable access to an unprecedented extent.
Beyond, the internet offers this unique possibility of sharing impressions and discoveries with others, with people who have the same feeling for this exciting process of "micro-historical" research and creation, possibly people whose family history trees have branches in common with ours, i.e. relatives of any distance, but also people (resp. ancestors of theirs) who were acquainted with ancestors of ours. And we would not only like to share impressions, of course, but also to encourage our visitors to get in touch, to take part in an exchange of ideas, information and possibly, if occasion occurs, even copies of pictures or documents.
Step by step, as fast or slowly as permitted by our limited time resources we would like to bring together a broad selection of all our disposable, valuable family history information in this one place and, in doing this, also contribute to its conservation, including memories which haven't been written down, yet, and might be lost soon.
Our gratitude for support in family history and genealogy is owed to
(in chronological order):
John Humphreys, London; Richard Humphreys, Great Malvern; the association for regional history, Warndt e.V. with chairman Karl-Werner Desgranges, Völklingen-Ludweiler; ­genealogist Manfred Söhn, Nümbrecht; genealogist Heinz Lavall, Saarbrücken; the­family history circle of Heitmann - descendants, Isselhorst; Helmut Braess (Programm "AHN"); genealogist Albrecht Bolz, West-German society for family history, Cologne; Gisela Wienrich +, Düsseldorf; Effie Galletly  and  Michael Dickson, Bath; Russ McGillivray, Caledon, Ontario, Canada, Magdalena Huck, Recklinghausen

Use the form, above, to explore all of our more than 450 pages and look for any person, place name, date, concept etc. of your choice; the results will be displayed here.

A Journey on the River Main in 1935

Letters from the War 1944 / 1945




Humphreys Family

Chronicle of the Müller family
Heinrich Müller and his descendants
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Selecting the content to be integrated we are confronted with the limits of our capacity, of our time; nevertheless we are targeting to describe our ancestors' biographies as exactly and completely as our mostly modest knowledge allows for. Biographies of people alive are excluded from elaborate description, of course.
We wish you an inspiring journey through our pages
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The Life of George Frederick Hayes Dickson